1) How do I know if my motorcycle suspension is bad?

Do your shocks leak, squeak or bottom-out, bounce or wobble in turns? It’s most likely time to look at your shocks.

2) What is the best type of suspension for motorcycles?

RWD has over 38 years o developing shocks and suspension components. RWD position sensitive shocks take it to the next level!

3) When should I replace my motorcycle suspension?

Stock is barely adequate on most motorcycles. Proper suspension will make your bike safer and more enjoyable to ride. Contact RWD directly at 951.698.9495 for your bike setup.

4) Do Harley Davidsons have rear suspension?

Yes, all modern Harley’s have rear suspension

5) What are signed of worn-out suspension?

Squeaking, leaking, bouncy or wobbly ride.

6) Should my motorcycle suspension be hard or soft?

Rider preference, however, RWD position sensitive shocks can provide the best of both worlds.

7) What suspension gives the smoothest ride?

RWD position sensitive shock technology allows for a smooth ride and the ability to handle more extreme conditions.

8) How can I make my motorcycle suspension more comfortable?

RWD position sensitive shocks provide comfort and performance when you need it.

9) Which motorcycle has the best shock absorber?

Stock motorcycle suspensions can almost always be improved with RWD products.

10) Is it worth upgrading motorcycle suspension?

One of the best investments you can make for comfort and safety.

11) Why does my motorcycle feel unstable at high speed?

Always check your tires for wear and proper inflation then look at your shock package for wear and leaking.

12) How many miles to motorcycle shocks last?

All subject to riding style but RWD’s shocks are designed to be overkill with respect to durability and performance and have a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

13) Will lowering my bike affect the suspension?

Yes, lowering a bike can change the basic geometry and fitment. RWD shocks are not recommended for use with lowering blocks.

14) What length shock is best?

Consult your local dealer or RWD directly. You must always maintain a balance front to rear as well as proper fitment (i.e. longer shocks have the potential to interfere with exhaust)