"I just put RS2 rear suspension on my 2020 Electra Glide standard. All I can say is WOW!! What a difference from stock. I never knew my bike could ride and corner this good. The shocks soaked up everything from railroad tracks crossings to potholes. I’m definitely saving up to get the RS1 in front."

- Bryan Shiefer

 Rear Suspension for Harley-Davidson Electra




"I bought a pair of RS-2’s Saturday morning at the show. Service and Installation was amazing. These shocks are everything thats advertised and more. The ride is smooth as silk. I put around 200 miles on the shocks so far and will not own anything else.

Thank you RWD."
-- Michael Williams


"Man words can not explain how great they take care of their customers! They make grade A products for HDs and man the customer service is amazing. Carmen and Jared have exceeded expectations and went out of their way to help me. Russ and Carson have also been so helpful when it comes to making a great product. I purchased the rear shocks from them and damn they feel amazing and will be back for the front suspension for my 22 RK special. I trust this brand to the fullest and even worth warranty claims they are very understanding and try to get you dialed in quick. Once again thank you RWD and the team over there for making great products and 100% recommend doing business with them!""

- Ariel E. 0 Murrieta, CA

"After doing a lot of research on rear shocks for my Harley Davidson, I went with RWD's. The improvement in ride quality and handling is significant and I highly recommend this product. You can get them at some HD shops, but you can also call direct and order them. If you are in Southern California, the shop is located in Murrieta.

I have zero affiliation with this company and was NOT asked to write this review. A great product is a great product."

-Joe R.

"I just wanted to let everyone at RWD that the gas cap that I ordered on June 16 arrived today and I immediately installed it and have nothing but great things to say about it.  It is an extremely well-designed and thought-out gas cap and fits perfectly on my 2012 Road Glide with a Jim Nasi Dash.

I posted on for All to see.

Thank you once again for the great product and swift shipping.


-Michael Ulacco

"I’m normally an Ohlin’s guy…I recently purchased a used 2017 Low Rider S that has your shocks and fork inserts and came away very impressed."

-Victor Sanchez

"Hey RWD - Love your products -- running them on both my Harleys. Just installed the fronts on my Road Glide today & it’s amazing how much better the bike feels. Not sure if you're working on a 2+ Kit for 49mm Dyna Front ends, but if you are -- I’ll be the first to pick one up! 2015 Dyna Street Bob Thanks for making great products!"

-Nick Kova

"Just took it for a rip, zero tire spin. It pulled up better than my dyna. Good shit thank you guys."

-James Schade

"I recently purchased a pair of your fork cartridges, and installed them on my Street Glide Special. I must say that this modification is one of the best mods that I have ever performed on one of my bikes. The front end now rides as smooth as my Lexus GX 460. Night and day difference between HD's so called bending valve technology and the RWD cartridges.  


-Ron Dahl

"Ben, just wanted to thank you for our conversation late last Friday about the ride quality of my RS-1’s. Dialed in the spring sag and added 2 clicks on the adjuster just like you told me. The ride quality now is simply amazing, better than I ever imagined. Your product is second to none and your customer service is unrivaled in today’s world. Can’t wait till I can do my fronts with your cartridges now. Thanks!"

-Brian Swanson