RS-2 Shock Absorber for Touring

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Harley Davidson Shock Absorber

Introducing our all new RS2 line of suspension, designed to take your performance, comfort, and style to the next level. Integrated is our completely new sleek one-piece body with drop down reservoir design, by this we are able to create a more powerful bump zone for enhanced bottom out protection without compromising ride quality. Also, a new feature on our RS2 line of suspension is our re-designed clicker, introducing 12 total clicks so you can have a wide range of adjustments for whatever riding style, from comfort to performance. Newly designed high flow pistons with our new AVT (Active Valve Technology) allow the shock to even better ride compliancy and minimal feedback over small imperfections in the road, while still providing great traction and control while cornering. Or RS2 shocks are designed, manufactured, and assembled right here in Southern California and come with a lifetime warranty.  


-          Position Sensitive Technology
-          12 Clicks of Compression Adjustment
-          5/8 Black Coated Low Friction Shaft
-          Type III Hard Anodized Body
-          Billet PiggyBack Reservoir
-          High Quality FK Bearings
-          All Billet Machined, no castings
-          AVT (Active Valve Technology) Dampening
-          High Flow Pistons
-          Nitrogen Charged IFP Reservoir
-          Maxima Racing Oils Shock Fluid
-          Standard – Solo Rider 299lbs or less
-          Heavy Duty – Solo Rider 300lbs or more

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RS-2 Shock Absorber for Touring
RS-2 Bagger Shocks
RS-2 Shock Absorber for Touring
RS-2 Shock Absorber for Touring
RS-2 Shock Absorber for Touring
RS-2 Shock Absorber for Touring